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Die CAM Schweiz AG ist ein Schweizer Vermögensverwalter, welcher sich auf den Bereich Kryptowährung spezialisiert hat. Geeignet für Anleger mit erhöhter Risikobereitschaft, die das bestehende Vermögen gewinnbringend anlegen wollen.

Earnings expectations significantly above the interest rate level of the capital market. Portfolio consisting of various cryptocurrencies with medium to high capitalisation.

Performance YTD (as of 31.12.2021): Bitcoin 62.34% / CAM reference portfolio 244.04%

CAM Schweiz AG has many years of experience in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Indicative portfolio structuring

¹Cryptocurrencies with a focus on value preservation. ²Smart Contract Platforms. Smart contracts are automated contracts. They are self-executing with specific instructions written on their code that are executed when certain conditions are set. ³DeFi or Decentralized Finance refers to financial services created based on distributed networks without centralized intermediaries. ⁴Web 3.0 represents the next phase in the development of the Internet and is based on the core concepts of decentralization, openness and greater benefit for users. ⁵Technologies which are mainly used for digital payment networks and payment protocols.

Key figures

Active asset management in accordance with agreed investment strategy:

  • Anlagesumme: Ab 50‘000.00 (CHF, EUR, USD)
  • Form of investment: one-time investment and investment plan from CHF 100.00 per month

  • Investment instruments: Cryptocurrencies 
  • Storage: Swissquote (ab CHF/EUR/USD 50’000.00)
  • Storage: Bitcoin Suisse (from CHF/EUR/USD 50'000.00)
  • Fees: According to asset management agreement
  • Recommended investment horizon: at least 3 to 5 years

Performance CAM reference portfolio compared to Bitcoin since 2020

Performance 01.01.2020 – 30.06.2024

Das CAM Schweiz Referenzportfolio
hat eine Rendite von 1014.58% erzielt.

Bitcoin (BTC)
hat im Vergleich eine Rendite von 701.75% erzielt.

Data/prices in CHF from
All data without guarantee.

Performance CAM Reference Portfolio vs. Bitcoin 2023 (YTD)

YTD = Year-to-date -> From the beginning of the year to the current time.

Das CAM Schweiz Referenzportfolio
hat eine Rendite von 107.76% erzielt (YTD, Stand 31.12.23).

Bitcoin (BTC)
hat im Vergleich eine Rendite von 131.61% erzielt (YTD, Stand 31.12.23).

Data/prices in CHF from
All data without guarantee.

Performance CAM reference portfolio compared to Bitcoin 2022

Annual performance 01.01.2022- 31.12.2022

The CAM Switzerland reference portfolio
has generated a return of -70.57%.

Bitcoin (BTC)
has returned -63.59% in comparison.

Data/prices in CHF from
All data without guarantee. 

Performance CAM reference portfolio compared to Bitcoin 2021

Annual performance 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021

The CAM Switzerland reference portfolio
has generated a return of 244.04%.

Bitcoin (BTC)
has returned 62.34% in comparison.

Data/prices in CHF from
All data without guarantee.  

Market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies in comparison

You can interactively swipe the market capitalisations above (below the chart) to get a better overview.

Alle Angaben in USD und in Milliarden (in Mrd., Juni 2024).
TMCC=Total Market Capitalization Cryptocurrencies

Questions on asset management

Cryptocurrencies are the most lucrative asset class of the past decade. Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are at the heart of a megatrend that will fundamentally change the way we trade and exchange value.

After the internet, the WWW, mobile/IoT and cloud technology, blockchain is the fifth significant technological infrastructure revolution. Currently, the status of the crypto market can be compared to the early years of the internet. At that time, many investors and decision-makers simply could not imagine many of the possibilities that have changed our lives and that we now take for granted.

Lack of knowledge
Since the cryptocurrency market is only regulated to a limited extent, there are dubious offers that are difficult to understand. In order to avoid bad investments, a lot of time is needed for research.

Lack of security
The following points lead to a loss of cryptocurrencies:
- Phishing & manipulation of payment information
- Payment gateway is hacked
- Wrong address is used (no cancellation possible)
- Loss or theft of wallet file
- Dubious business models
- Assets on online exchanges are vulnerable
- Loss of access authorisations and passwords

Different cryptocurrencies must be purchased on different exchanges and the correct storage must be ensured. To be able to guarantee this, multiple access authorisations for the different platforms are needed.

Lack of diversification
Cryptocurrencies must be purchased individually. Time-consuming monitoring and regular rebalancing are required to ensure diversification.

In the field of crypto, banking, finance & asset management, CAM Schweiz AG has a unique expertise and combines more than 15 years of experience in the field of blockchain/cryptocurrencies. Dubious offers are sorted out by the basic requirement and do not reach the suitability test as an investment.

Due to the mechanisms used and the expertise, security is guaranteed. In addition, all cryptocurrencies are stored on cold wallets (offline) and under the highest security standards in Switzerland.

CAM Schweiz AG takes care of the purchase as well as the correct storage of the cryptocurrencies. The customer has one contact person, one login and one overview. CAM Schweiz AG simplifies the complex process for its customers.

By cooperating with various exchanges, CAM Schweiz AG can set up a portfolio with various cryptocurrencies. The investments go through a multi-stage investment process before they are approved by the management.

Swiss quality
All important partners, employees, interfaces and servers are in Switzerland due to efficiency and high security. 

Under this link you will find a video explaining our business activities. 

The CAM strategy is designed for the medium to long term (3-5 years). No day trading is carried out. The focus is on established cryptocurrencies with medium to high market capitalisation. 

A fundamental data analysis is carried out using the top-down approach, which analyses the market situation and the individual sectors. Subsequently, the individual cryptocurrencies are subjected to a user value analysis. Technical analysis is included as a supplementary measure on larger time series. 

After extensive research, the analysis is presented and discussed in the plenum. If the decision is positive, the client's funds are invested using the cost-average-invested strategy approach. 

Portfolio structuring
By regularly monitoring the portfolio, CAM is able to react to incoming market changes by means of rebalancing and adjustments.

In cooperation with our partner "Bitcoin Suisse AG" and "Swissquote Bank AG", CAM offers a proven and redundant, fully audited and penetration tested solution for safekeeping your crypto assets. At Bitcoin Suisse, client assets are stored on separate, individual blockchain addresses and never pooled with other client assets. 

- Management fee (end of quarter)
- Performance fee (high water mark*, end of quarter) 

CAM adopts a profit-sharing philosophy to ensure that the interests of the client and those of CAM are aligned. As a result, CAM only earns from the performance fee if a profit has also been made for the client. Only the end of the quarter is used as the cut-off date for determining the high water mark, which is also advantageous for the client.

Apart from the aforementioned management fee and performance fee, no other fees are incurred by CAM.

Here is a video about CAM's fair High Water Mark performance fee.

*The high watermark ensures that investors do not have to pay a performance fee for poor performance. The peak of the cumulative historical return is determined first. This high watermark is used as a benchmark for the asset manager's future performance. Only if the peak is exceeded do performance fees accrue to the investor. A peak is only determined by CAM at the end of each quarter. 

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, contact form or via email. Alternatively, you can request a call on our homepage. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

During the initial consultation, we will be happy to answer your questions, discuss the further procedure and, if desired, arrange a non-binding second consultation in which we will jointly evaluate an optimal solution for your needs. 

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Die Mindestinvestition beträgt CHF/EUR/USD 50’000.00.
Zusätzlich kann ein Investitionsplan ab monatlich CHF/EUR/USD 100.00 erstellt werden. 

Für viele Tätigkeiten im schweizerischen Finanzmarkt braucht es eine Bewilligung. In den meisten Bereichen wird diese von der FINMA erteilt.

Die CAM Schweiz AG hat die neue FINMA-Bewilligung für die Tätigkeit als Vermögensverwalter gemäss Art. 2 Abs. 1 lit. a des Bundesgesetzes vom 15. Juni 2018 über Finanzinstitute (Finanzinstitutsgesetz, FINIG; SR 954.1) am 30.11.2023 erhalten.  

Unter folgenden FINMA-Link ist dies ersichtlich.  CAM Schweiz AG im Suchfeld eingeben. 

Die CAM Schweiz AG, unter welcher die Crypto Asset Management geführt wird, wurde im Mai 2018 gegründet und im September 2020 in eine AG umgewandelt. Der offizielle Geschäftssitz ist in Rümlang (ZH). Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf Den Handelsregisterauszug finden Sie direkt hier

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