Our team

Christian Ott

Executive Board
Co-Founder & CEO

Brian Tanner

Executive Board
Co-Founder & Head of Portfolio Management

Cyril Gretler

Head of Sales

Benjamin Akosah

Head of Client Services & Investor Relations

Julia Lang

Executive Assistant

Muriel Kubli

HR & Back Office

Raphael Junker

Portfolio Manager

Nadia Aebischer


Michel Tröhler

Compliance & Risk

Argun Uysal

Chief Technology Officer

Jürgen Müller


Manuela Grünenfelder

Compliance & Risk Advisory
Grünenfelder Consulting AG

Aleksej Frei


Ivan Vasilj

External Financial & Accounting Advisor

Thomas Reusser

External Intermediary Advisor

Marco Mathis


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Christian Ott & Brian Tanner
Founders, CAM Schweiz AG